Saigon development and construction


Thanks for visiting Saigon development and construction, this blog was started in Sept 2008 but I was not in Saigon during 2010.

If any information on this site is wrong please contact me on the email address below. Sometimes things do get lost in translation.

This is non profit-non commercial blog that was done in my spare time.

Your comments are welcome on this site and you may be asked to enter your email address but it is not required to make comments so just leave that blank if want to.


  1. Hello,

    Just want to give you a thumb up on this website. I was born and grew up in Saigon and love to see my hometown city is developing into a modern city.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    Comment by Cuong | 15 October, 2008

  2. hi,
    just know about u on skyscrappercity 2 weeks ago, and we really appreciate your hard work in updating saigon construction status frequently. A lot of us VNmese r living overseas, so we’d be really joyful to be able to see saigon changing day by day.

    Thank you in anticipation and keep up the good work.

    Best regards.

    Comment by chinatown | 15 October, 2008

  3. This is exciting!

    Great work! I can’t wait until some of these projects are done. And when the bodies of water in Saigon actually become blue….

    one step at a time, right?

    Comment by letopho | 15 October, 2008

  4. Thanks for your comments,
    I do go to skyscrapercity from time to time, it is a good source of information.

    Comment by GMR | 15 October, 2008

  5. Hi,

    How are you ? after the offline-meeting at Cung Mi Cafe, have you got new photo ?

    can i add your site to mine: ?


    Comment by Kiva | 28 October, 2008

  6. many thanks for your hard work, i really appreciate that!!

    Comment by Fredi Meier | 19 November, 2008

  7. Thank you for the lovely pictures of my hometown

    Comment by Trang | 22 November, 2008

  8. Hi Mr Goeff,

    How’ve u been?
    I’ll be back to saigon on 7/12, and i’m gonna stay for quite a time. Let’s hang out again 🙂

    Comment by chinatown | 29 November, 2008

  9. Yes of course. May even get to the coffee shop before then too:-)

    See you soon.

    Comment by GMR | 29 November, 2008

  10. Hello,

    How are you? I am trying to find out the phone number of the marketing office of Lottemart at in district 7 with no success. I am thinking of renting a space there. If you have any informattion please let me know.

    Thank you very much and have a good day.


    Comment by annie tran | 16 December, 2008

  11. The Lotte mart is due to open this week, I will be taking a look around, if I find any phone numbers I will let you know.

    Comment by GMR | 16 December, 2008

  12. Thanks for your pics.They’re lovely,beautiful.I think you love SG very much.

    Comment by SaigonCitizen | 21 January, 2009

  13. Many thanks to your great work. I usually update info on projects in HCM city and I find big help here. Also If you are interested in my work, please kindly contact me.

    Thanks and best regards

    Comment by Chính Văn | 17 March, 2009

  14. Hi Mr Goeff,

    When will you return to HCMC ?

    New nice week to you!


    Comment by Kiva.Dang | 10 May, 2009

  15. I am back now, I will be out with the camera in a few days to do some Saigon updates.

    Comment by GMR | 11 May, 2009

  16. Thanks for your updated pics, I think you should turn the comment on in your post.

    Comment by Dong | 4 June, 2009

  17. Ur pics are great!! to see how Saigon is changing everyday…anyway hope u ll take more pics of fincancial tower..thanks..xoxo

    from Spore 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous | 15 June, 2009

  18. Hi:

    This is an excellent website to see the progress of all construction projects in HCM City..

    It would be nice to see what is happening to the Estella project built by Keppel Land of Singapore and Tien Phuoc of VN.

    Keep it up!


    Comment by Nam Nguyen | 26 June, 2009

  19. I like these pics and the way you show them!

    I introduced this blog to fans of my Facebook.

    Go on!

    Comment by tvkarch | 21 July, 2009

  20. yey…! love the pics of financial tower..!!! waiting for the new ones…

    Comment by stephen | 22 July, 2009

  21. New pics are on the way, we have moved to a new house and internet has just been connected today

    Comment by GMR | 25 July, 2009

  22. Hi GMR

    Nice to enjoy your update pics of saigon on skyscrapercity. Thanks for your hard work.

    Nice to see you,


    Comment by Camranhbay | 7 September, 2009

  23. I am curious as to who the glazing contractors are .I am a trades worker w/a niche ,caulking and sealants.I am curious as to the origins of the glass and cladding? Is this material production domestic Or is the imported?

    Thanks for any input


    Comment by paul r sullivan | 10 October, 2009

  24. Amazing this city grows super fast. I am in also in construction industry and loves to see new photos of the high profile projects so if anyone kind enought to share now would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for those sharing photos such as Financial Tower…

    Comment by Aviettraveler | 5 December, 2009

  25. Hi SGNDV,

    Nice work as you are a very devoted person.

    Best wishes

    Comment by Vinh Doan | 17 December, 2009

  26. Hey, just came across this site as a link on a friend’s blog. I’ve actually been thinking about doing something like this on my own blog. I live in Saigon and within the next week I’m going to start documenting the many construction sites I pass daily. Since you’re not currently in the city, would you have any interest in getting some new pictures?

    Comment by Mike | 1 March, 2011

  27. Hi

    Just wondered if anyone reading the blog could help me. I graduated in construction management from the UK a year ago, previously I worked on a year placement in Dubai on 2 major projects, I’m now looking to develop my career in the construction industry within Vietnam and would be very interested if anyone could point me in the right direction of employment opportunities. I’m originally from the UK now living in Thailand temporary but looking to relocate to Vietnam (Saigon) asap.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Comment by Alex Riley | 7 August, 2011

  28. Hi, could you please remove comment # 27, as this research project has ended. Thank you.

    Comment by Anonymous | 14 June, 2014

  29. Comment removed as requested. I hope your research was successful.

    Comment by GMR | 14 June, 2014

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